of June

Born and raised in Germany, Janine made her move to the United states in 2006. Her professional career started with a bachelors degree in fine arts with a concentration in printmaking. After graduating college, Janine started experimenting with all sorts of materials ranging from handmade paper,watercolor and finally found her love for weaving. Janine has always enjoyed working in mediums that are highly repetitive, time involved and could be practiced from anywhere. 

Growing up, her step father was a captain on a ship and she in turn spend most of her time traveling along, in an intimate setting amongst family. In between stops, time spend on the ship could often feel detached from the rest of the world while seeing the landscapes pass by. It was during that time, that she started using her hands to learn different types of craft to channel her creativity. 

Seed bead weaving has a long tradition amongst women all around the world. Janine's passion for seed bead weaving and creating a tangible piece of wearable art reflects the influence of her surroundings. She likes to think of her weavings as a way to share her life story and feels a desire to help pass on this tradition to generations of weavers to come.

She has found a home in the city of Asheville, NC, in the heart of the Appalachian mountains. Her inspiration derives from natural elements that are abundant in this particular area. The vast views across the Blue Ridge mountains, with its vibrant colors are ever changing and awe inspiring.

Every piece is hand-made at her studio in Asheville, North Carolina.

All weavings are sewn with needle, thread, love and glass seed beads | Earring wires are hand made from Niobium.